Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nasi Kandar Beratur, PENANG!!

Yesterday, me and family went to Penang for our road trip. I always love Penang. I love Penang because there are a lot of soo delicious food such as pasembur and char kwey teow. The famous one is... NASI KANDAR! It was my 1st experience eating it. Yum!

The stall's name was NASI KANDAR BERATUR! There were lots and lots of people queing at the stall! I wondered why people were queing for it. Then only I knew all of them were queing because the food is soooo delicious. And it is famous in Penang. No wonder it was called nasi kandar beratur.

Luckily, daddy came early so he had the chance to queue in front. He was 4th in the line. We managed to get our food early. But actually we were late for dinner because the stall was OPENED only at 10 pm!

The food had finally arrived at our table! Yummy! The food were rice, meat, kuah and chicken. The chicken and meat were soooooooo tender! Daddy ate nasi kandar with lots and lots of kuah while I ate the rice, meat and chicken only. So yummy! Before this, I didn't know that nasi kandar is famous in Penang.

After we ate, we went back to our hotel. I had a great day and learned new things.