Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sad day!!!

Today, I had a disaster at school. It started like this.

During the free time I was making a card for my teacher. Then, my friend Nateela, disturbed me. She said funny things about my card. I replied rudely and angrily to her. I did that because she disturbed me. I know it was bad but I can't help. Suddenly, a girl named Nardyana interrupted me and teased me. She made me cried. Luckily the class monitor came to me and pat my back. She made me feel a lot better!!

This is the lesson that I learned:
1.  I have to ignore  people whenever he/she teases or bullies and do bad things to me. Ignore is better than fighting or arguing.

Okay, these are the only things that I can share with you. Bye bye!!