Friday, 23 March 2012

my trip to the zoo

Last week, me, my mother, my grandmother, my maid and sisters went to Zoo Negara. We went to the counter to get some tickets. The adults get 3 tickets while the kids get 3 tickets. After my mother get the tickets from the counter, we went to the entrance .

Inside the zoo, we watched an animal show. They were 2 instructors and 1 seal. 1 instructor was a man and 1 instructor was a woman.The seal was doing tricks. The seal jumped over the hoop. We saw the bird taking the money from my sister's hand. After the show finished and we went to see the penguins. The penguins were small and cute. Penguins can't fly because their wings are too small to carry their heavy body.

Then, we ate the food that was bought by my mother. After that, we saw bear, ox,dear, and bat. We also saw the second biggest turtle in the world. It was my first time seeing the second biggest turtle. I was shocked that the zoo keeper went on top of the turtle's shell.

Then, we saw snakes and cobra. The cobra was big and fierce. I saw people taking picture with the cobra. Eeeee! I am so afraid and very shocked! After that, we saw flamingo. I like the flamingo's feather because it was pink mixed with red. Later, we saw the bee. We saw honey comb. I think bees live in honey comb, collect the honey and put it in the honey comb. That was interesting!

We saw chimpanzee, monkey and orang utan too. Later on, we saw giraffe and zebra. Then, we heard the sound of lion and tiger roaring. We saw the birds. I can't remember what are the name of the birds. I only remember hornbill because it was special. It has long big yellow coloured beak. Lastly we saw the elephant. I tried to feed the elephant but the guard didn't let us to feed it. I think it was because we gave the wrong food. The wrong food can cause the animals sick and maybe it will die. Then, we went home.

I love the zoo trip very much. I hope during next school holidays we can go to the zoo again.