Thursday, 9 January 2014

My bad, bad, bad accident!

Today, me and my sister, Ariana, played bicycle with me right after we arrived home. We had fun playing it. After a couple of round, we decided to do another round at 2/5. Ariana said," Don't go so fast!" " OK! " I said.

We went down the hill. I was like a bat out of hell. Ariana was like, NOOOOOOO, Not too fast! But this time, I can't STOP! As soon as I break...........


I fell down. It hurts so much. But not as painful as Ariana's advice.

" I told you, not so fast! Now face the consequnces of the actions! " I sighed. Now I must go home with injuries and listen to Ariana's babbles! 

So this was the lesson guys! Listen to advice or you must face the consequences of the actions!