Thursday, 2 January 2014

My first day of school!

What's up guys! It's been a long time I didn't write in here! Here I go!

When I first stepped my foot at Adni, I was excited plus nervous. Omg! I wondered if I could go with my BFF. Hmmmmm...... Let's see. 

When it's time to know our classes, JENG JENG JENG! I wasn't with my BFF! Unlucky me! Sob sob!😢

Finally, I went in 5 Rumi, my new class. It went a little better. I met a new friend, Laila. I was so happy chit chatting with her.

Then guess what? We did an organisation chart! I helped the girls to do the task. It was so fun! Omg! We played together, on and on until the school session ended. 

That's all for now! Toodles!!!😀😃