Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Port Dickson Getaway

Last week, I went to Port Dickson with my family. We went to Avillion Cove. The place was big, beautiful and marvelous. While my father checked in, me and my mother took photos of the nice scenery.

After my father got the room key, we went to the room. In the room, we put our things,looked around and watched "TV".  The room was very beautiful and clean.  Then, we wore our swimming suit and ready to go to the beach.

At the beach, we were happily swam. We also made sandcastle. I felt happy because the activities were very exciting. We saw people playing kites too.

After the beach, we went to the swimming pool. We swam there too. I like to swim at the swimming pool because we can splash water everywhere , play in the water and dive. We swam there for a long time then we  back to the hotel room.  After that we took our bath. The water was warm. Then,we watched "tv" again entittle Ratatouille.

Once I finished watching television, I drew. I drew on a piece of paper which I got it from my sister. I drew a girl. The girl was my sister. I drew her having short hair and wearing t- shirt and skirt, and a jacket, too.

After I drew, I felt very bored so I just took my mother's phone and played with it. I looked at photos,whatsapp,messages and lots more. Then, I went to bed and sleep tight.

The next day,we went down and took our breakfast.I ate sausages,potato wedges and porridge. The food was yummy,tasty and delicious. Then we went to Kidz Club. There, we coloured the pictures, watched"tv" entitle Tom and Jerry, and did a lot of things . Suddenly, I felt that I want to do the sand art. So, we asked our mother's permission for it. But my mother didn't let us because it was expensive. Then we returned the sand art. After returning the sand art, we went back home. I felt dissapointed because I didn't get to do it, but that was okay. We can do next time at the cheaper place.

While we were heading home, my father plan for us to go for a movie entitle Puss In The Boots. We watched the movie at Kuala Lumpur City Centre. I love the movie because it was about brave intelligent cats named Puss and Kitty. And one more is an egg named Humty Alexander Dumty.

After all the trip and movies, we went back home safely happily.