Monday, 19 December 2011

My uncle's wedding

Last four days, we had my uncle's wedding at Bangi. My uncle is my father's little brother but not the smallest. My uncle was the groom and his partner was the bride.

The bride and the groom were very beautiful because they wore baju melayu and kebaya with all the sparkly glitters, silver high heels, tanjak, and they displayed the keris on my uncle's samping.

Me, Ariana, and Arlia were the flower girls while Marcel was the page boy. Me and my sisters' wore beautiful blue polka dot dress while Marcel wore the blue baju melayu with songkok and samping. Me, Marcel, Ariana and Arlia walked with the bride and the groom while a group of men played the kompang. Althougt it was noisy, but I was really happy because we got to take pictures with the bride and the groom.

Inside the house, my uncle and his bride were sitting at the garden concept pelamin. There were beautiful blue roses. There were bright lights too. I got chances to do the tepung tawar with my father's help. It was an interesting experience.

Then, we watched mak lang, my aunty doing the silat. I watched it too. The silat was very fantastic because she performed the silat with the traditional weapons but it were not sharp. And the costumes were great. She was wearing a black shirt , black trousers and batik sarung.

I love and I really enjoy going to the wedding. I like going to the wedding because I can see the bride and the groom are happy together. I am also happy wacthing my aunty performing her silat.