Sunday, 11 December 2011

My birthday

Yesterday,it was my 8th birthday.I was very excited to celebrate my birthday. My parents planned for me and my sisters to go for dinner. It was at the Hillside Corner,a restaurant near by our house.

We had a delicious food.Me and my smallest sister ate spaghetti bolognese while my second sister had hot dog.My mother ate baked potato,brocolli and chicken with cheesy sause while my father had mushroom soup,pea and also beef. We also had nachos. After the delicious food,my family sang the birthday song for me. I felt very happy because my parents brought me to a restaurant like that.

After we sang the birthday song,we ate the cake.It was a tasty,delicious,beautiful chocolate cake.But on the cake there is only 1 candle because it was just a small cake.My sisters had a chance to blow the candle,too.

I like the food very very very much!!!Thanks to my dad and thanks to my mom.I really really like the birthday celebration.