Saturday, 17 December 2011

Surprise outing

Last week, I went to my mother's office. I went there because my mother's friend wanted to give a surprise for me. My mother's friend was Aunty Zubye.

When I arrived, I had my breakfast. I had Kway teow and drank milo ice. The food was delicious. After I ate the food I went to my mother's office and waited for Aunty Zubye.

Then, Aunty Zubye had arrived and we were ready to go for the big trip. Aunty Zubye brought me to Alamanda, Putrajaya. She also brought Irfan and Arash along. We watched the Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 the movie. It started at 11.30 and finished at 12.30. There were 6 chipmunks. 3 were the girls and 3 were the boys. Their names were Alenor,Britny, and Janet. They were the girls. The boys name were Alvin, Simon and Thedore. The movie was exciting because the chipmunks were very cute.

After the movie, we saw a lot of books. I felt I wanted to by the Cars 2 Party Time Activity book. But I can't because it was expensive. A book cost RM 30.90. Then, I went to a small playground. We played chase and run. I liked playing chase and run beacause we can run around.

Then, we played at the different playground. This playground located at Cyberjaya. This playground is very big. We played chase and run again until it rains. Then we went to a restaurant to eat and wait for my mother to fetch me home.

At the restaurant, we played police and thief. I was the police while Irfan and Arash were the thieves. I like to play police and thief because I can catched the thief and pretending to put the thief in the jail.

I like the big trip because it was exciting. I thanked Aunty Zubye for taking me for this special, fun and unforgetable outing.