Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Movie Day!

Yesterday, I went to a place called The Curve. The purpose of going there is to watch a movie. We went there with my favourite kakak, Kakak Yayah,our relative.

This is the movie entittle Happy Feet.It was about the penguins.There were a lot of penguins lived in Antartica.In one family, there were three little cute penguins.But the penguins are rude.The smallest penguin was named Eric. He was cutest penguin in the family.One day,the three penguins asked their father that they wanted to follow their uncle somewhere.When their uncle,Ramon asked them to push Uncle Ramon in the water for him to swim. The three penguins pushed him hardly.Then,Uncle Ramon went somewhere.But I can't remember what is the name of the place.And the three penguins followed their uncle wihout their father's permission.When the three penguins were at that place,their father was worried beacause they are not back yet.After their father fetch them home,they saw there was a trap.The penguins can't get out.Then,for days,the penguins that were trapped have to ask the penguin those are not trap to take a lot of fishes for them.Then,one penguin had an idea.The penguin asked all of them to stamp their feet and then the ice will melted.And after that,they stamped on the ice, then the ice melted and the penguins are saved.

I do not really like the movie because it was all about penguins and no 3D.